My Interpretation of a class Discussion ( A DRAMA )

8:30 ish Tuesday April  morning

At first we started learning about about CO BRANDING

Co Branding - Combining the resources of two in individual blah blah.

Co Branding increases your sales. You get the best of both worlds from different target markets and for LESS!   Oh! and while your getting a larger target audience YOU save money, like those commercials say... but never really do. And this new thing they're saying:

To be Environmentally Friendly

Okay now, got that down. what's next?  POSITIONING :

Positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its productbrand, or organization.

They want people to think about their product


( Kleenex has replaced the word Tissue.  What You are saying is a Brand )
( Tiger Associated with Golf ) Tiger is Golf is people's minds
( Coke rather saying Soda, Pop, Pepsi  ) "can I have a Coke"

you get the idea...

Why or rather How does Tiger Woods get to keep some of his sponsors after the whole Scandal. In MY small Definition Tiger somehow found and slept with 4 or 5?? uglier women rather than sleep with his Super  HOT  WIFE because of this new trending addiction called  sex addiction.  (seriously though Vanity Fair was not impressive). and thats the mistresses with makeup crew in the background. I'm scared they might come after me now)
Nike kept tiger because they established a deep connection with his brand. and his father's Brand. Tigers Brand was connected to his father and when his father kicked the bucket He came out with a Bang! Except, more in the sense of Gang Bang. but not really. but maybe who knows... tiger must have  more secrets than just these chicks if he is in fact an "addict"
Thus making his new commercial controversial

Its contains two goodies: his father & the Sex Scandal
It's made for us to believe  that his father is discussing about the controversy, as if he were still alive.  When in reality the actual video is not about that, clearly. Tiger using his father to relaunch his Brand and swipe it clean so everyone can just go on, because I know we are all pretty sick of it. And Golf ratings dropped majorly so the people who want to forgive will (the fans, golf lovers etc)  and the people who didn't like him before REALLLLYYY wont like him now

(video we watched in class)

Immediately you see Nike on his hat and shirt. boom boom boom!  
A Sorry look on his face while his father speaks to him and it trigers an emotional spot.

my point was That   He Gets to keep his Sponsors when Michael Phelps Loses all of his except for Subway, so now his beautiful mold of a human being has to do those stupid commercials all because he was a 19 year old, smoking a bong... in Canada none the Less!!!!  Not Fair at All! what harm is he doing?

So  this was cool to watch early this morning. The Day after his huge Relaunch to Reposition himself,  Let's hope that 2nd time is a charm and that there will be no more third chance to relaunch your career. But the best for last.  Last for me because I think the remainder of my class I was in shock of the News I am just about to explain.


Verizon, Google, YouTube, all of those companies voted NO on Net Neutrality. Which means The Internet as we know is, will be gone.  These Companies want to have a private faster internet and everyone else will get basic internet which would be similar to dial up and have no access to videos, no special features, no games.  The Future could possibly see Internet Package deals in the near future. Just as TV has done.  If we dont buy these Paackages the rest of us will get the basic dial up version.  Remember that? I sure do.  A slower and more restricted Internet.  All because these Richer companies want to get richer.

So as I was being told this. That the Internet could be change in just a matter of 6 months, she predicted (Linda Solomon) I was having a horrendous panic attack. SHocked and in just this awe of unbelief telling myself "no this can't be true" "this isn't going to happen", only to be told that yeas it's is, and that it's already happened.  CALL THE GOVERNMENT CALL THE GOVERNMENT! well guess what little ones... It is the government. Congress also voted against Net Neutrality.SO now these companies can do something like make those Internet package deals that could cost a fortune, and by could I mean definitely.
But, you can't blame these business's. Their Mission, their Jobs are to increase company profit. It's a Smart Business move but really shitty for us. If these companies don't make a profit they go bankrupt, people get fired.  The Future Looks Gloomy; for these corporations with the Internet around.  Its open access is valuable for everyone. Larger companies will fall or have to come to the realization that with open access they will have to change their finances since they will loose their markets.

WHile still in shock I came to the realization of myself.  I, Karla Mera, am addicted. Addicted to the Internet.

Karla Mera Presents
The Newest Addiction Craze:

Internet Addiction

one who is in fear of loosing the Internet, with symptoms of sudden panic attacks, shortness in breath, prone to fainting, crying heavily, shaking, withdrawals, Possibility to end in debt for unpaid Internet Bills. Has a heavy desire and belief that one needs the Internet to survive.

I recovering my shock, realized i am addicted.  I love my and Facebook and YouTube, i could go on.  The Very companies that are right about to screw me! I didn't know what I would do.  I barely have any music in my Itunes, My photo's are mostly all online, I stay in connect with friends and family, I do my homework online. I use the Internet all the time. So as I am still coming to terms with this, I plan on making a video myself discussing net neutrality  which will hopefully be posted in the near future.

but there's hope and i Think his fella can hopefully make this happen

until we meet again

Karla Mera

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