Where will this wind take me? (Circa 2008)

I was a free spirit flowing in the wind, at first it was calm but now times have become rough, i don't have a sense of direction, im blind and being taken for a ride through storms and i thought that was behind me..after the after-matt until i flowed through the occasional ocean, ocean, oh-cean, i was better...i was free and released...until politics bombarded the air...
if you lay with important figures it will only show you how little you are
and when i laid with this figure, his figure, his figure was whole...beyond what i have yet to accomplish...i was only apart of your happiness for a moment in time...but you dragged me in as if i was meant to be there forever, i now know what your followers see
I didn't care, knowing of you was fine...but i never heard the most beautiful voice which at the time was associated with the most beautiful word, the first thing you said to me in 1 word...my name...at that alone...you did your work, you single handedly took down years of walls put up, knocked down tough barriers, with a single word you stole me heart
and its not fair! i was supposed to be free and fine like i was, and finally i was over and won a great war with myself...without notice you started another one. I had no more than a few weeks with my newly founded freedom, and this war was unlike the others i did not put up a fight, i gave in...retreated and surrendered.

I know i was your prey, i know you hunted me down...but for what? did you know what ive been through. I could be stronger now...and as you told me the story of your 6month insecurity and loneliness i was there, the first girl in a while to be enjoying your presence, to be wanting to make you happy...ive succeeded in that but for what? I want to come across those grey eyes, stare into them and start over. You seemed genuine, and to an extent you are....
but seeing how happy you are now, only makes me realizes how much i contributed to you well being and state of mind...but not in a good way, as a stepping stone
and i know you look back, to the politics of it all, after seeing the empty space by your bed, and know that the wind brought me into your direction and you saw something in me...more than anyone else to notice that i was the one you'd keep until you were sent off. So as the wind was too strong for me and sent me into another storm and you in the other direction...i know it promises to bring me back on track...and you on your way, but though time heals all, storms are beautifully sad and no one knows where they will end up. And it saddens me to think that this wind will separate us forever, and i wont get another chance...to be as happy as you is a dream, to be happy with you is a wish and a memory
Im in a storm im not supposed to be in but if it sends me back to you, i will go through it all...again and again.
the sea is coming close and will direct me into more storms and the after-matt brought me to you...i want to end up with you. Presidents don't compare to the believers you have...you could change all...in a single kiss...you could change minds...including my own...
when you lay again, clouds will clear and from here on out..forecast says its nothing but sunny skies and a chance to fall in love

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Cellabacy of the worst kind

I find myself ruined
I find others ruined
by love
their pleasure taken away
and replaced by pain
or worse
replaced with nothing

They feel nothing
when they are kissed, hugged or touched
when they Lust, love, or fuck

Why bother to indulge in intimacy?
Why bother in letting others in
in your heart and in your mind
or even inside of you
when you know for a fact you will feel nothing
if anything

I declare of vow of self love
not sexually
but personally
I declare
I am in a relationship with myself
we are having problems
but I am willing to work them out

I am married to myself
and for better or for worse
I will try to love myself

though this wandering eye
may want to stray
may want cheat and lie
I will do my best
to listen to myself
and be by myself
Until I find the best
of the best
of all the rest

A room full of wrong

When 3 years of lust turns into a potential scenario
where sex, youth, and infidelity combine
to make for a string of wrong turns and dirty minds

In this room, where I confide
in you in which I wish you were in me

To discuss the negatives of my life
as you look upon my body, with those aged eyes
I barely know who you are
and you want me bare

Like a scene from a movie
Ill swipe all desk supplies onto the floor
a locked room, a closed door
committing sins, tempting tease

With our eyes, we are wrong
with our passion, our movement
our lust remains strong

but that day, where we act on our wrong will be in our hearts
because we don't mean no harm
treating me like a child even though you'd love me like a women

Mister trickster with a career and a wife
I do feel guilty but it's unfair
you have a child and another life

When you leave this room
our 30 minutes of innocense ends
when you enter your car to drive
home and kiss all those who make you feel alive

But for a moment this young girl tickles your fancy
in this room you wish you could have thee
office space with enough room to hide secrets
enough consequences to never say a word and keep this
forever an idea
and never a reality

Used to

We used to be lovers
we used to be
we used to
We used to be Lovers
we did

we used to
We used to be
We used to be lovers
we used to be
we used to
we use to do anything but love

We used to be best friends
we used to be friendly
we used to be everything but be in love

We used to be soul mates
we used to go on dates
We used to do eveything but be in love

We used to be lovers
we used to be
we used to
We used to be Lovers
we did
we used to
We used to be
We used to be lovers
we used to be
we used to
we use to do anything but love

We used to be phone sex
we used to be endless
We used to be eveything but in love

We used to be romance
we used to be content
We used to be everything but in love

We used to be lovers
we used to be
we used to
we use to do anything but love

We used to be EVERYTHING but in love

How could I say

When others hurt for so long

I know
I know
I know what they must feel

to want to dry up and wither away
and after so long

that pain
that pain
that pain doesn't see to go away

though the tears
they dry up and shrivle away

Like everyone telling you
it will all go away
but... it doesn't
it lingers and stays
hovering around every dark corner
every drunken haze
every lovers craze

For you to come up to me and tell me your soul, letting me know. That after so long, you're letting me know, that your will to go on, your will to live... you have none

well i feel no pity
and no pity fills me

Telling me, letting me know, that intoxicated as you are, you wouldn't mind riding off that hill in your car. well i feel no pity

I tell them I know how you must feel because i felt it too
But apparently I know nothing if that feeling is in you
It's been a year later and you still feel the same
sad, miserable with nothing left to gain

I tell him: you have to go on and be you. live you
don't live for others anymore, you just have to live

but I see it in their glossed over eyes
they've lost the fight
with over a year later they still just want to cry

over that person who will never care to know if they did, or if they didn't
I have no pity

How could I say, such cruel cruel words
when all their heart was taken away
How could I say to keep trecking on their way
when almost a year later
that feeling i have for you
still hasn't gone away

how could I say
what if I told you I feel the same as felt that lonely december day

almost a year ago
i still feel the same

Those their they've left but the feelings still strong
I too have to just live on
this battle is not meant to be won

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