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Hey guys, Im so happy that you guys like this blog but before you read check out my other blogs. They are also interesting and more informative and updated often

karla Mera

I have a TV show at Purchase College called THE TWO TWINS SHOW and it airs every monday at 10:30 - 11:00pm. We have musical artists come on the show where they play 2 to 3 songs and are interviewed. These aren't just any artists, they are up and coming, talented, and a breath of fresh air. We also show our favorite YouTube videos and other viral videos on the internet.  I will also be blogging about our artists, future episode, what changes are going on and whatever happens during the show  Join the Two Twins Facebook Page and the Two Twins Twitter Page and help us get fans and followers so they can stay up to date with their soon to be favorite twins and their antics!  watch us hit the top of the social media charts! should be an exciting ride

My other blog is CREATIVE UNKNOWNS
It's a blog where I explore my creative side and use my creativity in different formats such as fashion, photography, music, art, poetry/ lyrics and writing and whatever else I express myself through.  It's the best forms of my art in my opinion or will be showcasing other creative unknowns i think you should check out.  Also it's a great place to look at what i wear and what my style is.  If you're lucky i could be giving stuff away (because I own so many things)

Well there they are. Head Trip is a blog going trough the mind and life of me, whether i create fake scenarios from my own thoughts and minds pr if i write about actually occurrences that have happened to me (most love and loss and what is is to be a young 20 something girl on a journey through her life


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