A room full of wrong

When 3 years of lust turns into a potential scenario
where sex, youth, and infidelity combine
to make for a string of wrong turns and dirty minds

In this room, where I confide
in you in which I wish you were in me

To discuss the negatives of my life
as you look upon my body, with those aged eyes
I barely know who you are
and you want me bare

Like a scene from a movie
Ill swipe all desk supplies onto the floor
a locked room, a closed door
committing sins, tempting tease

With our eyes, we are wrong
with our passion, our movement
our lust remains strong

but that day, where we act on our wrong will be in our hearts
because we don't mean no harm
treating me like a child even though you'd love me like a women

Mister trickster with a career and a wife
I do feel guilty but it's unfair
you have a child and another life

When you leave this room
our 30 minutes of innocense ends
when you enter your car to drive
home and kiss all those who make you feel alive

But for a moment this young girl tickles your fancy
in this room you wish you could have thee
office space with enough room to hide secrets
enough consequences to never say a word and keep this
forever an idea
and never a reality


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