A few things on my mind at this moment

A few thngs I just want to say

i find it sad that in history, music has progressively gotten worse. When bands such as Led Zepplin, Beatles (Beatles Station Pandora ranting right now) have great music but poor quality of music, yea i know some stuff gets remastered
byt music today has improved equipment and we've reduce ourselves to "Tik tok : (my sisrer will love me for posting this crap song)


and Taylor swift
don't get me wrong...i can belt a good taylor swift song any day
and Laday GaGa, forget it
but I wish i didn't like it
but really music, 90's had better days than now

I'm sorry, but I was just watching the buried life and after that was "my life as LIz...WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT!?

I am officially going to be running for Major Events Coordinator at Purchase College. I really feel ready and so sure I can make the best event yet. I've wanted this for so long

This coming year i was 136 lbs and coming back Jan. 19th I was back to my High school weight of 116 libs. due to a stomach virus and food poisoning, hell month(s). After learning of this new information i immediatley started on an eat everything in site binge. i love food

#1 what I wanna do before I die: Make a one hit wonder or a hit song every so often

I really think Mick Jagger is sexy...real sexy...i know he looks like a skeleton but c'mon, I do wish he was 20 around now...sexay - http://www.mickjagger.com/

one the topic of men...i've always had a particular style of men, ever since I was about 12/14 : Older caucasion Jewish Men
im gonna be honest drive me bananas, maybe my type will change...i do like those older italian alpachino/ deniro types... MMmmmMMM
http://fuckyeahjewishmen.tumblr.com/post/307350908/inside-the-actors-studio-questionnaire-with-robert <<< check that shit out Avatar and Schlock Holmes were ok more close to bad minus the fact that on SH downey had a God's body and seeing avatar in 3d was cool until i got a massive headache New Jersey...I approve

New York...get on that shit

Im a Conan Fan personally, but Fallon is killing it

Damn Robert Williams is getting old
.... So is Tom Hanks

#2 what I wanna do beofre I die: be in a movie with really awesome cinamotgraphy

#3 Meet Jerry Lewis (for those of you that dont know, my idol, whos tattoo i wanted on my ass at one point then wanted on my thigh and havent even gotten, definitly not gotton) oh and he's Jewish

I want a least 5 Tattoos

back in the day, i forgot what year, girls used to go on" dates for dinner"...i believe in that

You Need to watch this Documentary VICE Magazine is posting :!!!!!! i get those Magazines free when I work at American Apparel American Apparel American App App Ap Ap ....Amrican Apparel owns my life, Dov Charney is my leader
o god, sorry
I dont know what got into me
(the link to their twatter = http://twitter.com/VICEMAG )

I just started watching the Jersey shore and Im 2 1/2 shows in....and I've learned that if I was a Guiddette i would be in lust with "the situation"
i like to imagine him as a normal person...tshirt hoodie (American Apparel, sad i know and you don't even work there) and fitting dark jeans with a small beard...and less less tan...not too shaby. And didn't he want to be called the "resolution" too after new Years?

I think I was in love with the idea of being in love with him

My fritz became an RA, im sad. i dont see him as mcuh...im officially best friend less

As of right now, im pretty sure I was to age naturally

Purchase College needs to have more parties? WTF? after my freshman year PC went down hill just like the economy
I remember my share of naked Parties, ABC's, sneaking into DT parties (only once), staying up til 6am days in a row, thirsty thursdays was not an option, it was an obligation

Culture Shock needs to Happen on the Great Lawn within the next two years at Purchase College before the Great Lawn is raped and stolen from us by the athletics department

Technology will one day meet it's end. Just like the Death of Painting, The Death of Technology
but dont worry we still have a few more things to improve on our MAcs, Ipods, cell phones, and what not
the direction technology is going people are going for a more simplistic and efficient technolgy. people who had black berrts going back to razr's for cost and they enjoyed the product in the past

you're so hurtful at times, i blame
the intake of alcohol your rotting liver endures.
only because you were too
boy o boy were you too
who never even showed it in the slighest bit and
can act like a gentlemen and
make me suffer all in oe night, make
me wander for the rest of my life
come, lets count our stars tonight

im a mixute of raunchy, crazy, dirty
with a pinch of shyness

Johnny Depp is underrated, So is Quentin Tarintino

Did anyone else think they had a rough life as a middle child? i certainly think so. "it's a hard knock life"

isnt it wierd how we all have an expiration date

Perez Hilton - Im over it
and all social lites for that matter, gossip girl go to hell, and rich kids who dont work and blow money of coke and, yea those wastes of life...and daddys money which could be used for a better reason... like buying me coke. seriously though, i want your daddy's money and get your life together.

tmz is headed down too

Anderson Cooper has officially replaced Walter Conkrite, he is an incredible news reporter and I want to strive to be like him one day. His passion explodes off screen and into the viewer

Why hasnt solar power become more popular yet? Do people realize the world gets shittier and shitteir everyday

I wish Michael Jackson didn't die because he an a strong opinion of helping the enviroment...if you saw this is it then you know what i mean

Dean Martin:

Lion Vs Zebra:

I leaned how to make hitler smiley faces

rejected Halloween Costume of 2009
- surviving Cancer Patient

my 2010 resolution
cut bread - FAIL
eat more veggies - Almost Fail
Drink more alcohol - WIN
the good thing about resolutions is that you can always keep trying, just because you messed up doesnt mean you have to stop. just don't quit

no fatties.

if you think it, you totally should say it

coney island 08

looking into your eyes was more than i could ever ask for

but i know nothing will ever happen, nothing ever happened. and as you stared back i only wanted it to stay like that forever, but i cant ask for too much

drunk and wandering i stumble upon you, live music blairing and blurry vague visions, i knew instantly it was you. i lost my breath and started to choke on nothing, gasping for air throughout the whole time my eyes were only kept on you...and as i caught my breath i caught myself following you in a part of town i knew nothing about, getting lost was not an option...where you were headed was were i was supposed to be

out of the the thousands of people around me, how could i all of a sudden turn around and there you are, like it was meant to be. not knowing whether you'd be there or not, not even a clue. i turned around and it was meant to be.

i think i may have caught your eye as i passed by you, thinking so i run for cover...passing by eachother only a few more times, somewhere along the the way i loose you where i first saw you. only about 5 mintures from when i first started following you

i felt dead. there was no more reason to smile, like it was stolen from me. it was. i know you saw me, what i dont know is what you were thinking and if it was similar to what i was thinking or at least in the same catagory.

Drinking, drinking, smoking, drinking. activities un benounce to me activities that would bring me closer to you
with a group of friends in front of me, leading me, stumbling and being led the group clears, as if intentional, to show me a surprise...they cleared the way for you and our eyes met.

aren't you going to hug me?
(immediatly i put up a front)
but i hug you

naturally i sit down next to you, smoothly you hold my hand..."Karla,..karla" as you stare into my eyes, it looked like you meant it. as you caress my hand, i would of believed it.

my own name is haunted by your voice.

we talked. you were you, i was me. pretending to have no interest, no. forcing myself to have no interest...somehow it worked. dont you think so?

for some time in that one spot playing games, eating, talking, looking at eachother until...

we both got up and you kissed my forehead. that was the last of our eye contact

but as always you lost interest. and i had to pretend i wasnt hurt, and that was harder. so as the night passed and time lasped it was time for it to end...i walked away. we didnt even say goodbye.

peru: an out of order nutshell

I must say after 3 weeks in Peru and enduring 5 plane rides including my first ever (and I, terrified of planes) well, im alive
especially considering i truly believed my last days were ahead of me and i was going to go "La Bamba style"
i arrived there of course very much alive on the outside but without a doubt dead on the inside
what a great time to rediscover my self
who i really was
and my true values
and just my luck i developed a horribly massive stomach virus
which actually started in september but...
my fear of doctors prevented me from getting myself check prior to the trip and god damn well knows im not about to go to the hospital in a different country
but i will eat the food
and drink your water
even though i was advised not to
so not only was i eating very little (up to 1 1/2 meals a day) i ended of puking it all up later that night
it's then i realized i probably have something severly wrong with me and with 3 weeks in peru i did a lot of thinking
I was in a different country for the first time, a country that had a lot to do with my misery and a country where every where you turn everyone is in love. its sickening
and im peruvian
of course not there, there i'm american
i saw a lot of peru. probably more than most people will ever in there lifetime,
1. because i am peruvian
2. I have family in peru
my dad was returning after 20 years of not ever going back...20 years of not seeing his brothers and sisters who cant get a visa and will probably never step foot in america. my dad's side of the family who is also living in poverty there. My uncles and aunts still live in the house my dad grew up in which barely has a ceiling, another aunt living in cusco with not hot water. they didnt have much but offered everything to us, especially because for a few days we'd be living with them. in poverty.
at first angry that i couldnt have a "real vacation" , the kinds people have you know on the beach, drinking cocktails and hitting of the hot locals
no i didnt have that. i lived like they did.
as i lived with them, i felt bad for my self and dwelled on my misery
how selfish of me. how completely selfish of me.
also not knowing much spanish i had to learn, especially because my 2 other sister being fucking stuck up cunts themselves ( i love them) didnt feel like speaking spanish at all while being there minus a few words here and there
i dedicated my stay there to mostly speaking soley in spanish. During that time still very much sick. i learned a lot about my newly introduced family, like my cousin willy the artist who makes the most incredible inka sculptures i have ever seen. seriously you can find sculptures anywhere but his had such craftmanship , no flaws i cant even tell you. his sister, an artist as well...made beautiful jewlery. This is what they did to get by.
they just bought a microwave and it was broken because they didnt know they werent allowed to put spoons in it, which when they told us was funny but sad because they probably saved up to get it and will have to save up agan to gte another one.
We also spent most of our time in lima and callao where the streets are flooded with men women & children selling just about everything from candies, sodas to books and garbage bags, even their talent where kids would do flips on the road during red lights. And my dad would recollect of how when he was younger he too did the same thing
My moms side, the part that i saw....well they were rich
my uncle being former mayor who worked along side the president Fugimori
they had maids and chauffers and running hot water
we stayed with my late grandpa's crazy older sister, who i loved but shes a crazy old bat
her neice being my tia neca, who got a nose job at 16 do to her relationships with rich older men (we have that in common/ not the nose job) she now married to a rich brit, that was fun. my family literally wined and dined with rich power moguls from britain and other rich peruvians.
it was odd
seeing two different worlds of peru

i still have to go to the doctors
and as always i lost my train of thought
but peru well, i say get some family in peru and really see for yourself what peru is all about

3 weeks in Peru
1 week stomach virus
1 week flu/ cold
2 days altitude sickness
the rest of the time revovering

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