coney island 08

looking into your eyes was more than i could ever ask for

but i know nothing will ever happen, nothing ever happened. and as you stared back i only wanted it to stay like that forever, but i cant ask for too much

drunk and wandering i stumble upon you, live music blairing and blurry vague visions, i knew instantly it was you. i lost my breath and started to choke on nothing, gasping for air throughout the whole time my eyes were only kept on you...and as i caught my breath i caught myself following you in a part of town i knew nothing about, getting lost was not an option...where you were headed was were i was supposed to be

out of the the thousands of people around me, how could i all of a sudden turn around and there you are, like it was meant to be. not knowing whether you'd be there or not, not even a clue. i turned around and it was meant to be.

i think i may have caught your eye as i passed by you, thinking so i run for cover...passing by eachother only a few more times, somewhere along the the way i loose you where i first saw you. only about 5 mintures from when i first started following you

i felt dead. there was no more reason to smile, like it was stolen from me. it was. i know you saw me, what i dont know is what you were thinking and if it was similar to what i was thinking or at least in the same catagory.

Drinking, drinking, smoking, drinking. activities un benounce to me activities that would bring me closer to you
with a group of friends in front of me, leading me, stumbling and being led the group clears, as if intentional, to show me a surprise...they cleared the way for you and our eyes met.

aren't you going to hug me?
(immediatly i put up a front)
but i hug you

naturally i sit down next to you, smoothly you hold my hand..."Karla,..karla" as you stare into my eyes, it looked like you meant it. as you caress my hand, i would of believed it.

my own name is haunted by your voice.

we talked. you were you, i was me. pretending to have no interest, no. forcing myself to have no interest...somehow it worked. dont you think so?

for some time in that one spot playing games, eating, talking, looking at eachother until...

we both got up and you kissed my forehead. that was the last of our eye contact

but as always you lost interest. and i had to pretend i wasnt hurt, and that was harder. so as the night passed and time lasped it was time for it to end...i walked away. we didnt even say goodbye.


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