How could I say

When others hurt for so long

I know
I know
I know what they must feel

to want to dry up and wither away
and after so long

that pain
that pain
that pain doesn't see to go away

though the tears
they dry up and shrivle away

Like everyone telling you
it will all go away
but... it doesn't
it lingers and stays
hovering around every dark corner
every drunken haze
every lovers craze

For you to come up to me and tell me your soul, letting me know. That after so long, you're letting me know, that your will to go on, your will to live... you have none

well i feel no pity
and no pity fills me

Telling me, letting me know, that intoxicated as you are, you wouldn't mind riding off that hill in your car. well i feel no pity

I tell them I know how you must feel because i felt it too
But apparently I know nothing if that feeling is in you
It's been a year later and you still feel the same
sad, miserable with nothing left to gain

I tell him: you have to go on and be you. live you
don't live for others anymore, you just have to live

but I see it in their glossed over eyes
they've lost the fight
with over a year later they still just want to cry

over that person who will never care to know if they did, or if they didn't
I have no pity

How could I say, such cruel cruel words
when all their heart was taken away
How could I say to keep trecking on their way
when almost a year later
that feeling i have for you
still hasn't gone away

how could I say
what if I told you I feel the same as felt that lonely december day

almost a year ago
i still feel the same

Those their they've left but the feelings still strong
I too have to just live on
this battle is not meant to be won


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