Rediscover the Self. Yourself

As time goes by
quickly past our eyes
one must realize
that one must fill time
with pleasure
and spontaneity
Be Loud, Be Free and be You
at all times

I find now and days the luster that shined down on all us us
when we were born
grow to fade
fade to a shade of grey
once our eyes were wide open to the world
now turns the other way
the dreams we had, the hope inside of all
have been lost and forgotten
apathetic and rotten

I stumble upon more beings just getting through life
rather than living their life
day by day by day
the same way all day
afraid to go after what's theirs
afraid to follow their heart
the things that made people glow now terrify those who refuse to go forth

I for one will always be true to myself
be myself
at least most of the time
and if that means having insane goals, dreaming too big that others laugh at
telling me I'm not realistic
that i need to be brought back to earth
I tell them no!
no matter how hard the struggle may be
I will not be you
I will not be another lost soul
lost inside a world who let their dreams go

Promise me, promise yourself
I will not live a world of what if
Promise me, promise yourself
I'd rather die doing what I want

why wish for a life you want
when you can reach out and grab it

Most of us will just let life pass by
very few of us will actually live our life

I have yet to loose my wandering wide eyes
don't settle, never settle

Terrifying? yes. but everything new always is
I don't want to play it safe
I don't want to be realistic
I just want to exude the essence that is

after all
all great people didn't just sit arums and wait for success
all great people didn't think twice about going after their goals and dreams
all great people never lost that spark they had
even when beaten battered and withered
and neither should you


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