It's been a while

In a whole year of self loathing, healing and basically nurturing myself back to health over spilt milk
I am cured?
well to be honest an entire year crying over something or SOMEONE can really do it's damage to a person
such as:
1) Giving you deep dark baggy under circles under your eyes
2) Make you FAT

as much as I liked to deny it, I've turned to poor sleep and eating habits to console the soul which quite honestly could of been my downfall
could of?
Let's be honest here... I'm disgusting/ slash not really because compared to many young ladies I am a plus size model
for all you ignorant people out there PLUS SIZE models are sizes 6, 7, & 8... normal

I weigh exactly 130lbs
now compare that to last years stomach virus
i weighed 119lbs

how in both years could i be so unhealthy?

Oh that's right... it's called an unhealthy relationship!
and anyone in one, should get out of it
because believe you me
once you're out
you're not truly out

back to health: I haven't really worked out in a year. I used to love working out

On a happier side note,
To whoever said that time heals all. GOD DAMMIT! you're right. but I have to say... once you're healed though, you're never really the same. You've permanently changed and in personal opinion always for the better
I am however healed due to the new boy in my life, which may be a little bit of cheating but guys come  in and out of a girls life and they never know when its going to happen
such is the case with me
and I'm not going to lie, I still think about my Ex
I just hope he sometimes  think about me while he masturbates *crosses fingers*

Anyways this new guy likes me as is
JUST THE WAY I AM. He's such a good, nice guy. He calls me,  He came to my families new years (mind you that drive he made was a 3 hour one) He wants to hang out with me, LIKES MY FRIENDS, lets me meet his friends, didn't mind that he was arrested because of me

come on, what a great guy!
but I've already had multiple friends come u to me and say "Don't hurt him" and/ or "I hope you settle"

WHAT? I'm a single lady, and I can already see me going back to my old tendencies. my friends know me best, I'm not a relationship person but all I know is... I don't plan on a serious relationship but I don't plan on hurting the guy. He's too nice for me to do that. I know I'm a pimpett bitch but He is already a good friend and I plan on keeping it that way

Besides, the guy I am with. He is someone I can actually talk to and he'll actually listen
that's hard to come by
and I'm not a child anymore
I'd be and idiot to give that up


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