After 4 years what have I learned? - College graduate and the unknown future

Tid bit on sex:
If the sex feels right then it is right. for women it's meaningful, insightful and/ or satisfying physically and emotionally. the physical can do without the emotion but the emotional always works hand in hand with the physical
For the man, it feels right, if it's tight. The Physical will always be there but if ever the emotional, well that is rare. Don't worry ladies...
the moral: Kegel exercises

Excerpt from a college grad

I've graduated to become
a lesser version of myself
amongst many, amongst one
Where do I go from here on out
graduating with a diploma i want nothing to do with
So as i humor myself
I will follow my dreams
realizing that's the only things I want for me
and so it seems
that Life is a test for all of us
levels and levels of challenges
we can accept defeat or we must
follow and chase
and never give up
because along the way so many will face
the death of their dreams because they are rational
dying inside to be something practical
Well, not me


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