A flash before my lies

As i walk towards my mandatory duties
i bestowed upon myself
an unpaid internship
I awoke feeling a sense of ungratefulness and lazyness
I'm tired
I'm worn

This day must be like any other working day
where I'm thrown into the city streets
to compete
amongst the others on their way to their everday
and me every other

I say goodbye to my sister
never telling her that I'll miss her
but why should I?
this day is like any other

I continue my walk from her absence another block
where the sidewalk ends and the cracked road will mock
one foot in front of the other
the street sign turns red and i must stop
but before i could the rumble and crumble of an unpaved road
brings me in deeper
like the sea drifting farther away from shore

Right before my lieing eyes
I see gravel and cabs of yellow
above me, on my knees with wide eyes
i look up at them come towards me
i give in, i subside
there was no flash before my eyes

From the Side walk into oncoming traffic
I lack the abilty to grasp the concept
I watch unafraid
front row seat to my demise
and close my eyes

"Honk" "Honk"

I re open my eyes
now noticing that I am still alive
with a flood of emotions swelling up inside
mostly fear, then embaressment
I look around and see my savoirs

walking towards me with concern,
standing beside me while traffic continues
im roughed up and bleeding
embarrassing burns
grateful for my rescue
im hurting but im breathing
a feeling so relieving
to keep on with this life of mine

knowing know for the first time
our lives have no contracts
there is nothing to sign
we eat, breathe and love
waiting in our death line


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