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I am changing my this blog to updates on my life in a poetic manner but you can find my poetry at the creative unknowns blog HERE
 aka being a college grad, going through regular life, finding work, dealing with love, creating my success and informing you on a personal journey of life and achievement with a few obstacles and down falls on the way

Karla Mera - Self Portrait

I never properly introduced myself. I am Karla Mera.

Once a photographer... now on a path to becoming an artist. I just want to be paid for being me and/or doing what I love

What that is I am not sure yet but I want to find

Currently 21 years of age, female, Leo, and a twin
animal lover and I enjoy helping people

I've do many things:

1) Love writing lyrics and poetry
2) Enjoy photography so long as it's not a job
3) Event planning & promotions (music shows)
4) Host for a college TV show
5) Love watching children and teaching them
6) singing, drawing, dancing, creating music
7) relaxing, sun bathing, deep breaths and long conversation in person and in depth
8) Volunteering. People and animals. It's life changing
9) Being fashionable in a cost efficient way
10) Being with Family and friends but also meeting new people, love to meet new people all the time
11) Anything outdoors
12) Social Media Marketing

Karla Mera - Self Portrait

I mostly talk about love but every now and then I get political and societal in my blogs

whatever the case, I promise you will always find something to relate to in my writings.  If not this blog then the others.  I would also love to hear what you have to say and always have open ears

Most of all I just like to be happy.  These forums allow me to express myself and let it all out.  In the end it makes me feel better and good on the inside.  I suggest everyone let it all out

it's like talking to someone without any interruptions, it feels private when no one is reading but when people are reading i feel like a get my message across

Keep in touch and I will try my best to keep up with these blogs

and yes, I uploaded these pictures so google will find me easily :) and not confuse me with Karla Mora

who is she BTW? haha



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